A Parent’s Responsibility to Educate and Protect Our Children in order to Defend the Future of Our Nation


“Nothing is more important for the public wealth than to form and train youth in wisdom and virtue.”

Benjamin Franklin, a brilliant, educated and well-rounded man spoke these words so many years ago because he understood.
He understood that when our nation was founded, it was founded to hold a future.
He understood, along with his counterparts, what it would take to keep and maintain what was established at the inception of this nation and he understood that our youth would one day grow into that future.

He also pointed out that ‘reckless youth makes rueful age.’

He was right and we dare state that our culture and our media are doing just that:  promoting a ‘reckless youth.’

Our children are being sold a lie that guns cause evil when, in actuality, sin causes evil and no amount of gun control will alter or fix that. Gun control is not the answer, yet it is evident that our kids are buying into these lies; lies sold through social media, the news, and those with an agenda to remove truth, our rights and our freedoms.

We now have a generation who knows very little of firearms walking out of schools and marching in the streets to change a legislation they don’t even understand, with little comprehension to the implications those changes would have.
Do they know what they are doing and why they are doing it or are they simply being herded by a greater agenda and blindly following one another over the edge of a cliff like sheep to slaughter?

John Adams exhorted us stating “people should be educated and instructed on the principles of freedom.”

But the question is this: who is educating our youth and what are they teaching them.
We challenge that it needs to be the family.
It is our responsibility to educate our children so they can rightly divide the truth from the lies.
We must not be satisfied allowing our kids to buy into whatever they hear.
We must not be complacent in our role as parents.

We are to “stand firm and hold fast to the teachings that have been passed to us.”
(2 Thess. 2:15) and in turn we are to pass them down to our children.
Parents, we must rightly educate and instruct our youth in order to maintain the liberties that have been fought for.
It is time to get off the bench and fight for the hearts and minds of the next generation. We must not allow our children to be used as targets and pawns in a greater agenda.
We must coach our kids to think, to study, to look at history and to use logic and truth in order to preserve our freedoms.

It is our job to instruct and prepare our kids so they are not ignorant or fearful.
It is our job to teach our children the history of our nation so they understand why these freedoms were established in the first place.
It is our job to teach them the history of our world so they can see the implications of having these freedoms taken away.
Families, we need to be sitting around the table with our nation’s future having conversations in order to combat fear with truth and fight ignorance with understanding.
It is our responsibility to pass down the values of our father’s fathers; to tell the stories of generations past; to point them to real heroes.

The goal isn’t to raise loud kids marching for things they don’t understand.
The goal is to raise strong kids that can stand on truth.
We do not want to produce reckless kids led by emotion, but rather wise and discerning kids that are rooted on the foundations that will preserve their future.

While many children are marching under the banner of gun control, we want to remind our kids that our freedoms were bought at a cost for a great purpose and there would be grave repercussions if we were to lose them, not just for the individual but for the whole.
We must reclaim the youth of this nation.
We are letting our children down if we do not stand in the gap; if we do not teach, train and protect them from those that want to use them as weapons in their war against freedom.

We ask parents to come alongside us, to join up and rightly train their children.
We ask parents to fight back, starting in the home with the family.
We ask parents to know what their kids are learning.
Get involved. Engage with your children!
Study history together and most importantly:  be there.
Make them your priority.
Be the greatest influence in your kids’ lives.
Have the conversations.
Do not leave their minds and hearts to an agenda that wants to rob them of a future.

Let us not sit back and watch as this nation is being attacked from within; our youth being in the crossfire.
Let us raise up a generation that remembers, stands on and defends our freedoms.

by Jesse & Aby Rinella



  1. Amen, Amen, Amen !! I am going to read this to my three kids after breakfast this morning, because it is so beautifully and perfectly written. My husband and I have been teaching our kids (ages 12, 11, and 10) since they were born that The World (i..e Satan) has a vested interest in distracting one from The Truth and in propagating the very lies that further his agenda. If my Grandfather, who served in WWII, was still alive today he would be so sad that so many of his friends’ lives were seemingly lost in vain. He would be further dismayed to see a youth so willing to hand over their freedom to those who would so happily take it in order to use it for their purposes. Purposes often contrary to the will of God, contrary to love, contrary to humanity, and contrary to life itself. The irony here is that by supposedly saving one life with one gun (not true, but let’s go with it), they will potentially cause the deaths of millions. “Those who do not remember their history are doomed to repeat it”. My husband, an eighth grade history teacher, says that you would be absolutely appalled at how very little these children DO know of our history.


    • Alicia,
      Thanks for the reply! I couldn’t agree with you more! It is so refreshing to hear there are still like-minded thinkers out there!
      Thanks for sharing!


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