This Land Is My Land: A Plea for our Public Lands

One Woman’s Fight To Keep Public Lands Public


”Momma, Can I take something that belongs to our family, sell it and put the money in my piggy bank?”
“Of course not kiddo!  It belongs to all of us.  It’s not yours to sell!  What would that be called?”  “Stealing. ”

I am not a rancher or a farmer.
I am not a millionaire or a celebrity.
I am a mom, a wife and a passionate outdoors woman.
I live in a humble home on a little lot that my husband and I purchased years ago to raise our family.
Yet, when I walk out my back door my world is opened to thousands upon thousands of acres.  Country composed of rivers, lakes and streams that home the fish native to them.
Endless land containing mountains and valleys that yield the game we harvest.

I am a native to this land.
From the time I was an infant this has been my home.
When in these hills, I am surrounded by sounds heard nowhere else; smells that could never be bottled; colors, shapes and beauty that no artist could ever completely capture.  I feel the earth beneath my feet and I taste what only these hills can offer.
My home.




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