11 Reasons We Take Our Kids to the Range (published by the NRA)

“Nice one,” my six-year-old son says, high-fiving his sister after she nails the middle of the O on the Coke can.

“Your turn, buddy” she tells him, double-checking that her .22 is unloaded, then walking over to her dad and handing him her little pink Crickett.

Shooting together has been a part of my kids’ lives for as long as they can remember; just as it was for my husband and I when we were kids.

“Why do you take your kids out and shoot? They are too young,” we are asked.

“Kids don’t need to be around guns. Ever.” People condescendingly state.

“They can’t even hunt yet, so what’s the point?” People question us.

“That is dangerous and irresponsible.” People accuse.

Guns are not foreign to us, but for some, the thought of a child holding a gun looks less like Mom and Dad standing behind them teaching them safe shooting practices and much more like a scary image they have seen blasted on media. So we set out to educate those who do not understand; to clear up the misconceptions and to bring light to the topic. There are many reasons we take our kids to the range.

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